Jewish Family Services
of Greenwich

Afghan Refugee Program Co-Sponsorship Application

Welcome, and thank you for partnering with JFS of Greenwich through our Afghan Placement Assistance Program through HIAS. We are committed to doing our part to help Afghan refugees resettle right here in the greater Greenwich community. We would like to thank Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) for allowing us to utilize their documentation and training materials as we assist with the current humanitarian crisis. You may find some useful links to the IRIS website. This is for information purposes only. All contact and collaboration goes through JFS of Greenwich.

Contact Information

Physical address (e.g., of the fiduciary*)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Your Community Group

Have you recruited at least 30 volunteers?
Among those 30 volunteers, we ask that 12 volunteers take leadership roles on subcommittees for each funtional area of refugee resettlement. For a list of these functional areas and realted duties, see
Have you identified who among your volunteers will take leadership roles?
Would your group be able to bring the refugee family to New Haven 3 times (on 3 consecutive days) during the first month? (to attend an orientation for newly arrived refugees)
Does anyone in your group have a background in mental health?
Is there someone in your group who will be responsible for ensuring that ALL volunteers (including interpreters) undergo a background check through Verified Volunteers? (IRIS will provide instructions)
Has your group designated someone who will be responsible for ensuring that all volunteer drivers have a valid license and insurance

Group structure and insurance

Please read the document on liability and group organization on IRIS website Co-Sponsorship Resources page
Is your group affiliated with an institution whose insurance policy would serve as secondary (after the driver's) in the event of a car accident?
Have you designated a *fiduciary for holding and disbursing co-sponsorship funds? (JFS cannot hold and disburse co-sponsorship funds)
Will an institution or individual affiliated with your group co-sign the lease (with the refugee family), if the landlord requires a co-signer?
Has your group designated and administrative contact who will be responsible for ensuring that all paperwork be completed and returned to IRIS according to the requisite deadlines?
Memorandum of Understanding- Please have your group leaders read the IRIS Co-sponsorship Memorandum of Understanding. (access from the Co-sponsorship Resources page) Will a representative from your group be ready to sign the MOU upon accepting an offer of co-sponsoring?
In addition to co-sponsorship, IRIS sometimes works with community groups to help reugees and other immigrants in different ways, generally providing less structured forms of support. Would you be will to consider assisting other types of clients such as asylum seekers, visa holders or undocumented immigrants?
Would you be will to consider a less intensive form of support for new arrivals (in collaboration with IRIS) if that is what IRIS determined to be more valuable for a specific family?
Would your group like guidance on fundraising for co-sponsorship? Let us know, and we can connect you with our Development staff
Have you and all of your volunteers read the Community Co-Sponsorship Program Manual on the IRIS website?

Location and Services

If there are no free English classes in your area, or if classes ar eless than 3 times per week, how would your co-sponsoring group enable refugees to learn English quickly?