Jewish Family Services
of Greenwich

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Basket

Mitzvah Baskets are a great way to decorate the bimah of your synagogue and donate to JFS!

When you reserve Mitzvah Baskets from JFS for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other temple function, you not only display two gorgeous baskets at your event, you also help fund important JFS programs. 

A minimum donation of $250 helps fund such JFS programs as Supermarketing for Seniors, counseling and support groups, spirituality and wellness services, and much more. Please contact JFS to arrange for two Mitzvah Baskets to display at your celebration.

To donate online now, click here.

How do I request Mitzvah Baskets?
To reserve a set of Mitzvah Baskets, please call 203-622-1881 or simply complete the online form below:

Mitzvah Basket Request Form